Pit Bull Rescued From Fighting Saves Woman From Car Jacking!

Victor had had a horrible beginning to life. He had been forced to fight with other Pit Bulls for years and was covered in the scars

Victor had had a horrible starting to life. He had been forced to fight with other Pit Bulls for years and was covered in the scars that showed how horrible he had been treated. He has tears on his lips and ears. Stabbing marks were left all over the body.

But this bulldog named Victor is very grateful to the bull's eye rescue and adoptive mother Amber Melena for giving him a second honest and happy life. One day, he had a chance to point out just how grateful he was. According to Komo News in Seattle, Washington, it had been just a routine day for Amber who was out running some errands as well as her foster dog, Victor, along for the ride. Amber was just getting into the car when a weird man opened the coach door and attempted to urge in the car. Victor wasn’t curious about having another man in the car and leaped forward with a loud bark. This was enough to startle those who fell backward, and make Kohaku escape.flee. TheThe police are going to arrest this person later.person. GoGo to the next page to confirm this heartwarming video. Lorrie Kalmbach-Ehlers of Bulls Eye Rescue rescued more than 23 pit bulldogs from a dog fighting ring outside Seattle.Seattle. Consistent with Kalmbach-Ehlers, “We put the dogs through months of rehab, but most had to be put down. They had been beaten and abused so badly that either their physical or emotional scars were too severe to save lots of them.” Victor and a couple of others, Hope and Phoenix were the exceptions and are still available for adoption. The video proves that even after the most inhumane treatment, dogs are often tolerant and adapt to traditional life. Victor is an example of how loyal Pit Bulls are often.


Thank you, BullsEye Rescue and Amber Melena for rescuing Victor and Thank you very much, Victor saved Amber.

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