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Police Officer Loses Socks And Shoes To Help Scared Dog Hiding In Tunnel

Without hesitation, officer Joe Brazil ventured in for rescue. ❤

Peggy Edwards posted a story to Facebook that’s taking the web by storm. As she reported to WJAR NBC10, she saw a touch dog get spooked by a car and take shelter inside a tunnel.

She tried to assist but was scared of scaring the dog even deeper into the tunnel. That’s when she called the Woonsocket Police. Shortly after, officer Joe Brazil came to the rescue!

Without hesitation he took off his shoes and socks and went into the tunnel.

The caption of the photo read:

“I wanted to share this picture with everyone I can… On Sat. April 30th, a touch dog was running free and was frightened by a passing car. It saw a tunnel that a close-by brook flows through. She was stuck about 20-25 ft in and was clinging to the side. We tried to assist but were scared of scaring her further in. A call to Woonsocket police and fire depts sent Officer Joe Brazil to the rescue. He went in without hesitation and came out with a really wet, scared Canis Minor . Great guy, Lucky dog. We are very happy he was ready to save the small gal. With all the negatives people post and say about police, i assumed we should always see a positive moment. it's going to not appear to be much to most of the people but it meant tons to us and thereto scared Canis Minor , it made a world of difference as certain death was at the top of that tunnel. many thanks Officer Brazil…hope the dog is doing well.”

What a hero! We’ll never get uninterested in seeing stories like this. 🙂