Rescuers Desperately Try To Save White German Shepherd Abandoned In Desert As Time Runs Out

 This beautiful white German Shepherd had to survive on her own for months, until this happened…

For four months, animal rescuers had been trying to rescue a white German shepherd who was living in the desert outside l. a., California. After exhausting all the options they could consider, they turned to the crooked paws of hope for help.

On the day Eldad Hagar arrived, the dog was staying on the brink of the freeway in the sweltering 100 degrees Fahrenheit heat making it difficult for the rescuers to catch her safely. As a uremia patient, Eldad contacted Dr. Scott Amsel to help them shoot her with a sedative gun… Watch this unusual rescue of a gorgeous dog and please share Venus’ survival story to assist her find a loving forever home.


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