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Sad Boy Leaves His Puppy In Shelter With All His Savings So He Won’t Be Beaten Anymore

 Don't hit him because my dad hits him a lot

A little Mexican boy has managed to maneuver many people because at his young age he understood perfectly truth meaning of affection and loyalty to a pet.

That was six months ago when the animal shelter called Albergue Pergatuzoo, Images of this tiny dog’s puppy and therefore the heartbreaking reason why he was forced to go away it at the shelter’s doors.

But unfortunately, an equivalent can't be said of the child’s father. Because it had been precise because the person beat the puppy and starved it to death that the small boy came to his aid.

In a moving letter, the boy said goodbye to his dog because he didn't want to still be treated as badly as before. And he also directs a mild appeal: that they not take him away or give him up for adoption to anyone.

“I leave you with Simon, he’s my dog, I don’t want my dad to hit him, he cries tons because there's no food. I leave you my savings for his tortillas,” says the primary a part of the letter that brought tears everywhere Mexico.

The boy’s name was withheld as a precaution, but he also made bound to ask his caregiver, PLEASE, to not hit him like my father. he's aware that he's too young to guard him which he deserves a far better life.

He left his puppy, with a couple of blankets and his savings, he vowed to return back for him at some point , impossible to not cry!

“Don’t hit him because my dad hits him tons . Simon eats tons . Don’t take him away, when he grows up, I’ll come and obtain Simon,” the boy added in his message.

Network users couldn't help but be moved by this painful situation, he only wanted to save lots of him from such a lot suffering, and he had to pay the worth of separating from his ally for him.

This is why the shelter manager followed the boy’s wish to the letter. He wasn't given up for adoption to anyone and he herself took care of him. But he was concerned about the boy’s fate, and he wanted to seek out him in order that he could a minimum of arrange a reunion together with his puppy. So he posted:

“I uploaded this letter and these photos for the only purpose of locating Simón’s owner. I’m trying to find the small one, I’m downloading this to hope to seek out him.

That’s how the boy finally returned to the shelter, but unfortunately, even as he visited visit his dog, Simon had been taken to the vet.

So he moved the entire Internet again with the tenderest letter he had left to his ally , which, due to his innocent spelling mistakes, made it even more tender:

“Simon, I miss you, they told me they took you to the vet, I’ll leave you 3 pesos for an omelet.”

So, at the shelter, they only confirm to stay him healthy, happy and loved, and always ready for his little human visits.

The little one has continued to go to him, albeit it hasn’t always been easy due to the Covid 19 . this is often how he made it known in another moving letter:

I can’t see you due to the Covid. My father won’t let me leave . I’m sending you 3 pesos, my father doesn’t have employment . lookout of yourself. I miss you”. But he made bound to leave his tortillas, a gesture that excites everyone.

Simón dreams with all his strength at some point to be ready to return to the arms of his favorite child.

Many hope that at some point this boy will really be ready to find his dog forever. Others worry because they think the kid may additionally be abused. We hope that the people at the shelter will at some point soften the man’s heart which Simón and his little human can write another story.

This story is far and away one among the foremost moving stories of the pandemic and one among the foremost important lessons for adults. A child’s heart has no limits!