Sad: They Left Him Where He Was Saved Ten Years Ago

Because he didn't learn how to be good 

Adopting a pet is an unwavering commitment to ensure it's well-being by providing love and protection for the remainder of its life. Within the eventuality that you simply need to stop caring for them, thanks to act of God , there'll always be an choice to leave them in good hands by getting to an animal shelter.

But unfortunately, there are people that eliminate their pets as if they were objects simply because a replacement member arrives in the family, due to a move, or because the pet has aged or become ill. Just as they did with this Labrador retriever,which was abandoned in the same place where they rescued it 10 years ago. Please, are you able to take me because my owner abandoned me after 10 years because I didn’t learn to be good? I came back here, where he found me,” said the note that came with the dog. Animal protector, Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service in Swale County, Kent, U.K., shared the dog’s photos and therefore the note on his Facebook page.

Since then, the case has affected thousands of people in social media condemning the action of the owners of the farmer who was left confused and heartbroken in the street. “This old black Labrador was found engaged in Jasmil Kennel’s bars this morning. We might considerably wish to speak to the owner to work out why the dog was abandoned. He doesn’t have a chip,” they wrote in the publication. They conclude by urging citizens to contact them if they recognize the animal to supply help. The poor dog was attached to the note asking someone to need him away for his alleged fault as if this was perhaps a legitimate reason to go away an individual defenseless in the face of his fate exposed to several dangers. After the shelter publicized and investigated the case, they managed to contact the owners and took action supported their situation. “We are in touch with relations of the owners who know and love the dog and who weren't conscious of the owners’ plans. They need requested permission to worry for the animal and supply it with a secure home with people that are already conversant in the last years of its life,” says an update in the Animal Advocate’s publication.

They took the chance to thank for all the signs of support they need received since the post. It is a consolation to understand that the dog is going to be loved and guarded until his last breath and overcome the bitter swallow he has skilled .
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