Sealed-Snout Dog Wouldn’t Let Them Get Close But Kept Leading Them Down A Path

 He couldn't eat or drink but he wouldn't allow them to get closer. He kept trying to lead them down a path instead.

When a man drove through the town, he noticed a dog on the side of the road. The dog looked to be in pain. The man stopped and approached him. He got a better look and realized the dog’s snout was sealed shut by a wire. AndSo this person has seen this before!

Tying a wire around a dog’s snout may be a common and painful practice utilized in slaughterhouses. By some miracle, this brave dog must have escaped from a close-by slaughterhouse. He sat there, in unimaginable pain. But when the person and his friends tried to approach the dog, he fled. The dog was obviously traumatized by knowing what humans had been capable of before. The man and his friends looked for the dog. He continued to run but finally, after due diligence and team effort, the dog was captured. It took a grueling 6 hours but the dog’s life was so worth it! the person took the dog into his care and named him Balboa.

Once Balboa was at the vet, he was properly assessed. His mouth was badly injured.injured. It had been infected and bleeding. The vet ordered emergency treatment that included antibiotics, medication for pain, and IV fluids. The next step would be to get rid of the wire from his mouth. The vet was so gentle and careful with Balboa! The brave dog’s awake, while the wire is removed but he’s on medication to calm him and stop pain. He’s such a trooper!

Within a couple of days, Balboa heals enough to eat his first real meal. All the volunteers gathered together to witness this feat. It is a wonderful feeling to be ready to open and close your mouth and chew. He’s such a cheerful boy!

His wounds are still healing, and Balboa is much happier around humans. He’s realizing that the humans from his past weren’t returning . Balboa’s next steps are going to be to seek out a forever home. We couldn’t be happier for this deserving dog. Many Thank you very much for the heroes who came forward and saved his life!

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    Unknown November 18, 2021 at 1:03 PM

    godd the doggie got a happy home


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