We aren’t detectives up here, but we do recognize a trend once we see one. We’ve talked to you about several dogs recently that have all created bucket lists by their owners that allow them to try to to, see, and knowledge many various moments in life at some point or another before they die. These are lists that are created for dogs that are very sick, old and dying. they're lists that are meant to make some very happy memories for these dogs as they enter into their final days. You recognize what, though? I don’t think that these bucket lists are such a lot for the dogs as they're the dog’s owners. These are people loosing their dogs. They need something good in life to happen to them to stay their mind off of it, and this looks like an honest idea; and that we are fine thereupon.

GertieGerty may be a 14-year-old senior dog. When she was only 12, she and another dog were abandoned by their owners at a McDonalds, right in the parking zone. Old and already frail, it had been thought that perhaps the oldest dog could be put down. That’s when an exquisite woman stepped up and took both dogs in. Now that she’s older, Gertie isn't well and her vet thinks that it’s time to place her down. However, her owner wants to try to something sweet for this dog before she dies, so she’s on a mission to urge Gertie 1,000 hugs before she passes. It’s the dog has on her bucket list, and her owner is functioning very hard to make sure that her dog gets exactly what she wants.

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