Senior Dog Tied To Sled And Abandoned With Heartbreaking 7-Word Note

This poor dog didn't understand what he did wrong.

Senior dogs are often at the very best risk for abandonment. it's a tragic reality, but many of us get uninterested with an older dog and then the care that goes along side it. For several senior dogs, they need special needs that need attention and other people don’t want to affect them. They need the “puppy” stage and zip else. it's incredibly heartbreaking when someone decides that their friend is not any longer well worth the effort.

One heart wrenching story shows how often this happens. At the Wanderer’s Rest Humane Association in NY , one dog made a surprise visit. When workers need to the shelter that morning, they noticed that something was ahead that wasn’t normally there. Realizing it had been a sled, they inspected closer and eventually understood the horrible reality of what had happened. A dog had been tied into the sled and dropped off at the front with a note and a little bowl of water. At the shelter in Canastota, New York, someone had dropped off a dog overnight, completely alone. TheThe only information obtained by the shelter was a small note next to the dog. The note, while only seven words, will bring a tear to your eye.

“Over 10 years old. Cannot walk.” With a brief, two sentences, someone had abandoned their dog of over a decade. Their dog who had been with them for years and relied on them for medical needs. All of that was down the drain once they dropped off the dog at the shelter. The dog had no idea where it had been and only wanted to be home with his family. Unfortunately, the dog had no idea how alone he was. Thankfully, places like Wanderer’s Humane Associate exist. They immediately brought the dog in and named the furry boy Perry. They let him in and needed TheThe main thing is to urge him to pass the veterinarian's verification. While Perry was getting looked over, they posted on Facebook hoping that somebody would recognize him. Their post said: “If anyone recognizes this dog please get in-tuned with us ASAP. He was left outside of our shelter at some point throughout the night tied right down to the sled. The note left with him states: “Over 10 yrs old. Cannot walk.” this is often abandonment. If you'll not look after your pet for any reason, give us a call and that we can either directly assist you or offer you resources. Abandoning them isn't the solution and can never be acceptable, especially one which will not walk.”

The shelter is totally funded by donations and this expense wasn’t something they were expecting. After seeing the post, people got behind them and helped to form sure Perry was ready to get the treatment that he needed. After the examination, they found that Perry had two tick-borne illnesses and a severe skin infection. They prescribed some painkillers for him and started treating him directly. Soon, his movements began to change, and he even started to walk with the help of someone! Perry is in good hands and is getting the help he needs. While he isn’t up for adoption, he's getting the help that he needed. they're posting updates on Facebook for anyone who wants to stay up. it's a reminder that animals need people that care about them. Perry’s old owner did something horrible. The shelter went on to mention something during a later post that shows just how wrong it had been .

“We don't know things of the person who left this dog. If you would like help together with your pet we are always here to assist in a method or another… albeit we will ’t take it directly from you we can help provide other options. Leaving a pet engaged outside leaves them vulnerable to being injured by a mess of things. We are a shelter, and while we'll do everything in our power to assist every animal that walks through our doors, we don't have unlimited resources. We don't have a vet on staff. We believe donations. We will only hope that everybody who is during a situation where they feel they have to drop their pet off somewhere will call all of their local shelters/rescues and veterinary hospitals to seem for other safer options first. We are blessed by the quantity of support we are receiving from our community and together we'll help this dog.” Please SHARE this with your friends and family.
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