She Was Dying Of Thirst With Eyes That Yearned For A Life Without Struggle

 They said, "she had the saddest eyes they'd ever seen." But, thankfully, this was not forever.

Stray dogs are struggling every We cannot imagine their pain. We will only hope that they get the help they have. This is often Mila’s story.

Mila was found wandering in an almond field trying to find water. She was literally dying of thirst. While she was also emaciated and malnourished, water was her main concern. Water had become so scarce that she had given abreast of life.

She was incredibly sad and really ill. Fortunately, she was found in time and brought to Victor Lakhill. He and his team spared nothing. They gave Mira everything she needed and more! Within three months, she had made a miraculous recovery.

Mila was so grateful for her caregivers and everyone their love. She gave all of them the love right back! She never forgot what her old life was like. She said ‘thank you’ to all or any her new friends every single day.

She wagging her tail said it all! Just check out her go! She never wagged her tail before. She had nothing to be this happy about. A family eager to adopt Mira came forward. Viktor happily volunteered to fly her to Galicia where they live Mila’s new family has a tremendous home with an enormous yard. She was very excited to study. what's this new place? Is it all mine?

When Mira continued to watch her new dig, someone came over to say hello. Next came the acceptable butt sniffs. The two dogs established a connection. Mila’s New dad is praying for this happens and his prayers were answered!

The little dog who struggled every single day of her life is now living in bliss. She features a wonderful home, a terrific dad and a brother who adores her.

Mila’s story in the video below is incredible. While it’s ten minutes long, it’s worthwhile. Trust us and watch it! Seeing Mira happy gives us all the feeling. Thank you, Viktor. you're incredible then is your team. You’re truly angels on earth!

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