She Won’t Feed The Dog Because She Broke Up With Boyfriend – Arrested!

Some people are really not meant to be around any animals in the least, if you've got a dog then you've got responsibilities, surely people are intelligent enough to understand that, and then the consequences if you don’t? The woman from South Carolina just flouted her responsibilities utterly and completely by starving her dog to the purpose that it might need a miracle to remain alive.

The dog has now been far away from her home and brought to a rescue organization in NY , he's getting the medical aid he so desperately needs! The Rescue Dogs Rock NYC said that a passerby passing the woman’s home was the one that saw the dog and contacted the Animal Control of Laurens County…

This lovely and sweet dog, so badly mistreated has now been named ‘Champ’, he was so thin, he could hardly move, Super sleepy, it's about to pass. The rescue group said that they thought that Champ was about 16 months old and around 50 pounds, being a Mastiff mix, he should be double that weight, and plus another 10 pounds! The organization is desperately seeking donations for his care, he needed tons of care and that they need all the help they will get to supply it for him. Laurens County Animal Control Giles Gilmer said that the lady, Elizabeth James, has been charged with cruelty to animals and is thanks to face the court and judge in September.

We hope she can get the justice she truly deserves as a champion! Giles also said that Elizabeth told the investigators that the dog belonged to her ex-boyfriend… It is believed that she stopped feeding the dog after her and her boyfriend break up, she decided to deliberately stop feeding the dog and leave it to die, the bomber .. Sheriff Don Reynolds said during a news release:

“Inhumane treatment of animals won't be tolerated on my watch. No animals should need to go without food and water”

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