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Soldier Wants To Adopt Dog Who Took 4 Bullets For Him, But People Mock Him For It

"If the dogs put the time for the country, then the country owes it to them to put the time for them. She saved my life, so I owed it to her to save her life."

Layka the 4-year-old Belgian Malinois may be a true war hero in every sense of the word. Paired alongside U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald, the K9 was deployed in Afghanistan for bomb detection duties. When their regiment got attacked by a shooter, Layka fearlessly shielded Julian and took 4 bullets while fighting the shooter.

After Julian got things in check , he rushed the bleeding Layka to the hospital. The brave dog survived after an intensive 7-hour-long surgery, but unfortunately, her damaged leg had to be amputated within the process. Julian knew the 3-legged Layka would be retired now, so he pledged to adopt her after his deployment.

When Julian actually filed within the papers to adopt Layka, people only mocked him. They thought Layka was “too aggressive” to be a traditional pet which she would be a threat to his kids. But Julian ignored the warnings and adopted Layka because he owed the dog his life.

This wonderful video shows how Layka has comfortably transitioned into civilian life after retirement. She is extremely gentle together with her young human siblings and spends her day training other dogs with Julian within the military academy!

Julian believes that K9s aren't scary dogs, but have only done what they were trained to try to to out of duty. he's grateful to Layka for keeping him alive and helping him enjoy a full life together with his family. Layka is an embodiment of loyalty and courage and we’re so pleased with her!

Click the video below to observe how Julian did everything in his power to face by the dog who saved his life.


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