Stray Clung To Curb Decided To Die, Smelled Real Food & Tried To Lift His Head

 No one cared if he lived or died, except for one woman who dragged his lifeless body as far as she could. The dog who had risked his life to find food, smells what he had been looking for, and tries to lift his head.

Stray animals face many challenges to survive. Animals cannot look after themselves, they have humans to intervene before it’s too late.

Whether they need food or shelter, it's up to us to step in and help. But not all humans are kind enough toto so. For one dog, trying to seek out food had become impossible, and he had, understandably, become desperate. Locals had seen the dog cross the road before without incident. But this point he was struck by a car. As he lay injured, tucked up against the curb, people went by and did nothing for him. The scorching sun drained him of energy. He had accepted death.

The poor pup used the last of his reserves to form his over to the roadside. He was lying in the shade crying when he was spotted by a real animal lover. She vowed to place an end to his suffering. It broke her heart to listen to him whimper and see him writhing in pain. There was no time to waste! He needed to be seen by a vet immediately! Once at the medical clinic, the staff administered pain meds immediately. His blood work is terrible.

With such low red blood cells, he needed a transfusion alongside IV fluids. Besides his injuries from the car, this dog was also dying from heatstroke. Surprisingly, this brave dog responded quickly to treatment! The medical staff and his rescuer were elated. This dog was getting to make it, though it might be an uphill battle. That night, he was going to stay up late to eat real pet food in a real bowl.bowl. It had been a miracle! With the medical staff rooting him on, the pup made tremendous strides. Each day, he got stronger and shortly, he was ready to get up all on his own. His legs, weak and still healing, would give out fairly quickly but remember, this dog was at death’s door! Standing, if only for a couple of moments, was an enormous step in the right direction, The og’s new human friends had an excellent idea. So as to require the strain off of his body while allowing him to urge around, they decided to suit him for a wheelchair. And he LOVES it! As part of physical therapy, the wheelchair helps strengthen his muscles.physiotherapy. The doggy warrior continues to improve– and soon , he’s doing such a lot more on his own. Wait until you see what happens to the deserving dog next!

He was so on the brink of death and was gone by as if he didn’t even matter. But now those days are forever in his past! To see this dog’s miraculous survival and what happens next, scroll right down to the video. Many thanks to all or any who participated in his care!

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