Teen Paralyzed In Woods After Car Crash, Loyal Dog Fights Coyotes To Save Him

 For 3 days, the faithful dog kept his bleeding owner warm and ferociously fought off the coyotes. He even dragged the boy to a stream and fed him water. We salute this brave dog!

Joseph Phillips-Garcia may be a 16-year-old from the close-knit community of Kanaka Bar in British Columbia. He was out on a food-gathering trip to the mountains when his car met with an accident.

Joseph’s aunt and cousins were immediately killed in the crash, while Joseph and his dog, Sako, got thrown down a 328-foot embankment. Joseph suffered a broken femur and collar bone, which rendered him immobile after the accident.

As he lay there unconscious in the cold embankment, he could feel Sako’s worried eyes over his bleeding wounds. The loyal dog refused to go away Joseph’s side, and strived to stay him warm as well as his own body. For the next two days, Sako dragged Joseph to a stream to feed him water. However, their biggest threat was the predatory wildlife lurking around them. Some coyotes smelled Joseph’s blood and shortly tracked them down. But Sako risked his life and continued to fight the destructive beast fearlessly. After 3 days and a couple of nights, an enquiry and rescue team located Joseph and Sako and rushed them to the hospital. Joseph underwent multiple surgeries for his injuries, while Sako was treated for the deep bite wounds from the coyotes.

As this painful story of survival was shared by the local police, the community hailed Sako for his selfless and courageous act. The brave dog was later inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame. He received a shining medal and was honored during a celebratory ceremony. What a hero! Click the video below to see Sako’s inspiring story of bravery and loyalty!

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