Teenager Forced Her Dog To Drink Vodka To Make It Go Viral

Harm an innocent soul to make your self famous... This is pathetic

Sometimes The mass media and viral tendencies seem to inhibit the rationality and human nature of some people.

This was demonstrated by the despicable act committed towards a puppy by a “responsible” teenager who found it funny to play with its integrity. According to reports, an 18-year-old girl decided to record a video to share it on her social media, but its content not only disturbed some people but also made a poor animal suffer. The brown puppy was forced or induced to drink alcohol, while the girl laughed, beat an effort to find out the effect the drink would wear the animal’s body and without realizing how terrible the act was.

During the recording, the daughter of Mamornytsya in western Ukraine laughed at what was happening. The animal drank vodka then ran away, before falling dizzy and beginning to convulse. This is vodka for my beloved pet. Now, we’re getting to determine how this is often getting to affect him,” the teenager explains during the video. The distraught person made the recording public on his social networks, without considering the legal consequences that this terrible act would have.

Now, the girl has got to face justice, which doesn't seem to possess been measured before. When the authorities received her home, the girl decided to invite forgiveness for what had happened. “It was a match. My friend and I challenge each other with different tasks. They told me to give my dog a drink. I’m pitying what I did,” the girl argued. But faced with this sort of action, there's no valid excuse and therefore, the agents continued their work. The girl was taken to the local department and now faces charges of abusing the dog, putting her own integrity in danger .

“The suspect, who abused the dog, has admitted responsibility. She has been charged with animal abuse. The dog’s condition is normal,” authorities reported. Fortunately, the helpless puppy recovered from the poisoning and, after being evaluated by a veterinarian, decided to be in healthiness . However, it's totally unacceptable for these sorts of acts to occur, whether or not they're intended to harm a creature, these are things that ought to not be allowed to happen.

The small animal could have died from this “adolescent game.” Share this news and teach everyone that life is non-negotiable, which each of those creatures must be respected,

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