Thieves try to steal horses for meat, not anticipating two Rottweilers would foil their plan

Several horses are resting easy, munching away on the grass of their owner’s field as the other day, all because of two protective Rottweilers. Earlier this month, a Florida woman named Brena Kramer had a rude awakening in the wee hours of a Sunday morning. She woke to the jarring sound of her rottweilers barking and snarling fiercely and ran bent the barn where the commotion was coming from. She was shocked to seek out that somebody had made a bold attempt at stealing her horses so, Brena believes, they might slaughter them for his or her meat.

Brena lives in the remote reaches of Zephyrhills in Pasco County. She believes it’s her quiet location that caused her horses to be targeted by three would-be slaughterers. The intruders broke their way into the barn through a coffee side-gate. When Brianna ran to find the cause of the barking of her Rottweiler, she found that the supply of the stables had also stopped.stop. When Brena was ready to take a better check out her horses, the evidence was there to verify what she’d already assumed.

One of her horses still had a rope left tied around its neck, indicating that the Rottweilers had foiled the attackers right in the middle of their job. As Brena continued to look at the horses, she found signs of struggle including small cuts and abrasions, and abrasion on their beautiful faces where that they had pulled against the intruders. If it hadn’t been for Brena’s protective Rottweilers patrolling the property and fighting off the horse thieves, there’s little question this story would have a way more tragic ending. Brainberries The Rottweilers didn’t make it out of their scuffle unscathed, either. Brena’s, 3-year-old Rottie, Dallas, was found to possess what seems like two puncture wounds just above his left eye. Wounds that his mom believes he sustained while fighting off the intruders.

There is no doubt that these two Rottweilers are heroes, both for the horses and for Brena. With a wave of more than high-profile horse slaughters hitting Florida in several counties over the past few months, Brena is counting her blessings. “It’s common down south. It’s something that the majority horse owners realize, especially in Florida. This is often more of a black market thing. It depends on where you go and who you recognize on what proportion it sells for per pound,” she explains to Fox 13 News. Horse meat, unfortunately, can fetch a reasonably hefty price in the black market, which police believe is that the motive behind the attacks. While Brena was blessed to possess her trusted Rottweilers there to fend the intruders off, there are others who haven’t been so fortunate.

In several cases across Sumter and Manatee counties, people have woken to seek they're horses gone or worse; bled out and partially butchered for his or her “choice” cuts of meat. “They’re taking somebody’s baby, they’re taking somebody’s close personal pet,” explains Tammy Weaver after discovering her missing horse had been butchered in the woods shortly from her range in Bushnell, FL.

Pasco County, local Police are looking into the incident but, unfortunately, don’t have enough evidence to attach the string of horse murders to every other yet. In the meantime, they're urging all horse owners in the surrounding area to get on high alert. Horse owners should consider ensuring all of the entry points to their property are secure, installing motion-sensor floodlighting in key areas, and to definitely hear their dogs if they’ve got them. Brena’s horses are safe because of her wonderful Rottweilers. With all the bad news for equine lovers lately, that's something to celebrate! to find out Brena’s full interview with Fox 13 News, watch the video below.

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  • wendy
    wendy August 5, 2020 at 10:43 AM

    Rotties thank you two heroic horse savers!♡♡♡☆☆☆


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