This Doctor Feeds Stray Dogs Every Day In Front Of His Office

He cured their worst disease: desertion and hunger. He tries to answer to everyone. There are people that have such a noble heart that they're always able to help those that need it most. Regardless of what they're condition or the requirements of others, they're going to always have something to supply in their solidity.

This was demonstrated by a doctor in the city of San Pedro Carchá in central Guatemala who, every day, when he has the chance, feeds stray dogs that live near his office. For him, it'll only be a touch a bit of food, except for these dogs, it's going to mean all they're going to eat during the day, because, thanks to their state of neglect, it seems that only this doctor is responsible of taking care of them. However, under your protection, they're a touch safer, which is more important in these quarantine days. “Every morning, Dr. Ponce performs a humanitarian act by feeding street dogs… God bless you,” Juan Pablo Ramirez, who posted the photos, commented on his account on the social network Facebook.

In these images, you'll see the noble doctor as he leaves the building where he's employed, with a bag in his hand, and starts offering food to the furry animals. They wait patiently ahead of him until he gives them food. They need to be thankful that somebody is giving them some food, after spending the entire day on the road on an empty stomach.

Juan Pablo’s publication gained popularity during this social network due to its moving content, which inspired many of us and moved them by the solidity of the doctor. During a few days, he received 539 reactions, with 39 comments, and then the publication was shared about 189 times. This noble attitude of Dr. Ponce will surely be reproduced in more people once they see an animal on the road .
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