Family Moves Away And Leaves Old Dog To Fend For Himself On The Streets

This poor pup didn't understand why his owners had left him.

It’s always sad to find out dogs trying their best to defend themselves on the streets. Some are born homeless, while others spend a good time in a good home until their owner decides to abandon them. This dog is one among the abandoned dogs as his owners moved far away from home and left him there. This dog was living alone for quite a year after his owners left him behind.

Pumba may be a senior dog mercilessly left by his owners in their neighborhood after they moved away. The dog wandered cautiously on the street, sometimes resting near its previous range of activities, hoping that its owner would come. Unfortunately, it had been like this for quite a year and there had been no signs of the owners returning to urge him. Thankfully, some kind neighbors started feeding the poor dog. Hope for Paws became conscious of Pumba’s situation after they received a call from someone.

After someone reminded them about Pumba, Hope for Paws took immediate action. HFP sent out JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo to rush to the scene. Just a couple of seconds after reaching the reported location, they already had eyes on Pumba resting on a grass patch near the sidewalk.

They parked their car an honest distance from Pumba, but the dog still noticed the 2 of them getting out of the vehicle. As Pumba left his spot, JoAnn and Lisa then found out an open cage to lure Pumba with food inside it. The cautious dog didn't let the cage fool him.

Pumba returned to the same position, while Lisa and JoAnn waited patiently in their car. The dog was delighted to find out that there was food ahead of him but he also knew that the rescuers were trying to trap him therein cage. Pumba was smart enough to not put his hind legs inside the cage as he cautiously grabbed the food inside. The rescuers were left with no choice but to travel out and catch the dog personally. It took a while to realize Pumba’s trust, but eventually, he became a sweet pooch after he realized that the rescuers wouldn’t harm him The dog was still hungry, but he ran away as soon as he saw the leash in their hands. However, the rescuers didn't hand over easily and punctiliously chased him down the road. After spending a while persuading him, the pooch finally learned to trust them and freely grabbed the food from their hands.

Lisa and Joann gently put the leash on Pumba then carried him to the backseat of their car. The rescuers drove to the veterinary hospital to provide Pumba with the required care, and then placed him in a

The sweet Pumba melts our hearts as well as his grateful appreciation for his rescuers.

Pumba instantly transformed into a lovable pooch. The senior dog loved the eye he was getting from the people from the hospital, and to not mention the family he was sent to. Pumba was living alongside the opposite foster dogs and it had been clear how happy he was with his new family. Pumba is spending the rest of his life as a senior dog during a loving environment and he's eternally grateful for it.

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