“Ugly” Homeless Dog Blooms Like A Flower When She Starts Trusting Humans Again

Her hard life had turned her into an "ugly monster", but they promised to transform her into the prettiest sweetheart ever!

Kelsey the homeless dog had been fending for herself on the unforgiving streets for years. She scoured the busy streets for food and developed severe mange thanks to the unhygienic conditions she lived in. Gradually, infections caved in too deep and Kelsey lost her strength to search for food.

One day, a car stopped on the busy street and a stranger walked out asking the skeletal Kelsey to hop in. The dog knew that the cold and indifferent humans were repulsed by her diseased skin and that they can't be trusted. But her instinct told her that she should believe in religion.

Kelsey’s fortune changed the instant she stepped into the car. Within minutes, she found herself being examined by the vets at the local hospital. But while she was devouring the primary proper meal of her life, the vets worried about her dwindling health. Her reports weren’t good and there was a high chance that she wouldn’t survive.

Seeing her critical state, the veterinarian devised a special care decision to treat her mange and hunger related problems alone. After months of efforts, her skin infections subsided and her pink skin began healing too. The treatment was a revelation for Kelsey as she slowly learned to embrace her caretakers with an open heart!

It was a rare moment of triumph when a healed Kelsey’s gorgeous white fur began growing back! Kelsey is not any longer a “disfigured” dog, but a gorgeous, beloved darling living with her new mom in her forever home. We thank every single one that transformed Kelsey with their love, care and patience! Click the video below to see Kelsey’s extraordinary journey from the streets to her forever home!

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  • Marie
    Marie August 26, 2020 at 11:15 PM

    What an amazing transformation. ..... Good work team


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