“Vicious” Dog Rotted Away On The Streets, Can’t Stop Thanking His Rescuers Now

As the negative connotation around Pit Bulls remains rampant, this sweet rescue story proves why Pit Bulls are one of the sweetest breeds of dogs! Brutus the Pit Bull was abandoned on the streets a long time ago. He realized that people either feared him or despised him, but never wanted to love him.

Despite being a friendly dog, Brutus was forced to some a lonely life where he had to try to his best to remain far away from humans. His dreadful existence took a toll on him and he desperately wished to be saved. Thankfully, someone alerted “Hope For Paws” a few “vicious” Pit Bull lurking in the neighborhood and therefore,So the wheel of fortune began to turn to Brutus!

In this video, we see a rescuer gently approaching Brutus to find out if he gets aggressive. The dog is confused at firstinitially, but he quickly figures out she’s there to save lots of him. His face brightens up as he extends his neck and asks the lady to place the rescue leash on him! He then jumps into her car, and keeps hugging and kissing his saviors on the ride to the shelter. No wonder the rescuers call it the simplest Pit Bull rescue ever!

In the next few weeks, Brutus assured himself that the rescue was not caught and his street nightmare was really over. This Pit Bull is such a sort and affectionate soul and it’s a true pity that he spent such much time without being loved. Keep smiling, Brutus!
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