Video shows man holding a dog, who was later found dead in a trash can

Surveillance video shows a person carrying a limp dog, whose body was later found during a Bronx, New York, trash can. As reported by Bronx Times, the dog may need passed out from heat stroke and therefore, the owner may have believed that she was dead before throwing her into a ashcan.

Someone told Anthony Logrippo, the owner of The Reef Shoppe, that a French bulldog was during a nearby trash receptacle, and he rushed to research. LogrippoLogrippo told the news agency:agency: This didn’t add up because the dog had a collar and a leash,” he said. “You can see the dog was trying to urge out. It’s just mind-blowing. It’s not right that somebody should do that to an animal and go live their normal life.”

The shop owner attempted to contact the owner listed on the dog’s identification tags, but he didn't reach anyone. The NY local department has been notified about the incident and that they are investigating.

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