As Her Turn On The Kill-List Drew Closer, “Ugly” Dog Believed Her Time Was Up

 She was a Pit Bull and she was "ugly" and "unappealing" to shelter visitors. She would sit in a corner and watch the other dogs get adopted.

Aimee Hell Bull was just 6 months old when she ended up at Carson Animal Care Center in California. It had been apparent that she had been through an agonizing amount of neglect. Her diseased skin was decaying in patches and it had been evident that she was during a lot of pain.

The shelter workers were told that Aimee was one among the “friendliest” dogs ever. But it had been clear that the noisy, nervous barks of the opposite anxious dogs caused Aimee to panic. When the vets ministered treatment for her disease of the skin, Aimee started believing that an “ugly” dog like her would never find a home.

As Aimee’s actuate the kill-list drew closer, the workers decided to place in extra efforts for this defeated girl to offer her a far better shot at adoptions. They gave her a colorful blanket and clicked an adorable picture of her to share on social media. The image soon went viral, as people noticed Aimee’s sad and heartbroken face despite the contrasting happy backdrop.

A family soon showed up at the shelter to adopt little Aimee! Her new family has renamed her as Phoenix, to symbolize her new start in life. During this freedom run video shared by the shelter, Phoenix seems as if the happiest girl as she races out of the shelter and to her new home. No wonder the shelter workers call her the “cutest little hippo”! Click the video below to see Phoenix’s spectacular freedom run as she leaves the shelter forever!

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