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Blind Dog Abandoned on Park Bench Gets Rescued

 Dogs are huge fans of the park, but this beautiful dog doesn’t necessarily agree. Her beautiful brown fur and her azure eyes might make this three-year-old dog appear as if she’s got an honest life, but it’s not all that good. This beautiful dog was found terrified and afraid to maneuver on a bench . Her family didn’t treat her right. They used her, and her name is Polly, to possess babies then they dumped her shortly after she gave birth.

Something else to understand about Polly is that she is blind. This Santa Barbara dog was on their lonesome and scared, and it didn't take long for a rescue group to require her to the vet to seek out out that Polly also features a heart disease . She was also affected by a terrible skin condition that left her ill. Combined, this is often a dog that probably wouldn't have lasted all that long with these health issues. As it is, she’s blind and unable to ascertain where she is or where she goes , which is dangerous enough. Thank goodness for the great folks that rescued this dog from the horror that was her life not too way back .