Dog Abandoned In Park Gets Adopted By The Cop Who Rescued Her

Daisy may be a boxer-pit bull mix dog who was abandoned during a park in Bloomington, Indiana and located in the exact same spot by someone who was walking by. Seeing the dog was on their lonesome, the person called the local sheriff’s office and once Officer Jeff Ripley showed up, the story took a whole different turn.

Rosie Ahlberg, Jeff’s fiancé who’s also a daily volunteer at the town of Bloomington Animal Care and Control shelter got the pooch on the backseat and after checking out the shelter was closed for the day, they decided to possess Daisy home for an evening, as they waited to urge her the medical help she needed. Subsequent day, they took her to the vet and therefore, the poor dog was found to possess several injuries that need surgery also as trauma thanks to emotional abuse. Jeff and Rosie tracked down Daisy’s owners and that they said they wanted nothing to try to together with her, thereforeso the cop and his fiancé decided to adopt her.

The couple already had two rescue cats and a rescue dog, but all of them immediately got along side Daisy and after a touch while in her new loving home, she seems to be loosening up and being less scared, as they await the time to urge Daisy the surgery she must make a full recovery.

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  • Unknown
    Unknown September 15, 2021 at 12:28 AM

    THANK GOD.. there are still people like this in the world


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