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Dog Howls With Joy When He Finds Out He’s Been Adopted After 1250 Days In Shelter

 Bowie was adopted from the shelter back in 2014 when he was a puppy, but his family returned him a few years later.

Bowie was adopted from Gateway Pet Guardians, a shelter in East Saint Louis, Illinois, when he was first born in 2014. But sadly, he was returned to the shelter a couple of years later.

Instead of staying at the shelter, he was lucky enough to urge placed during a family after only a couple of months at the shelter. But when it came time to finding a forever home, nobody wanted him.

Days became months, and months became years, and after 1,250 days, Bowie still hadn’t been adopted.

Bowie may be a very sweet and friendly dog who is well-trained. His adoption fee had already been purchased , and therefore the rescue agreed to offer Bowie’s future adopter four free private training sessions and knowledgeable photoshoot.

Gateway Pet Guardians decided to share Bowie’s story on social media, in hopes of garnering the eye of somebody who would want to offer him an opportunity .

Their post worked, and that they received quite 40 applications from people that wanted to adopt Bowie. They went through all of them very carefully to seek out him the right home.

They met with a lady who they felt was the right candidate, and she or he adopted Bowie this past weekend!

After 2.5 years in care , Bowie is finally home!

In the video below, you’ll see Bowie’s adorable reaction to checking out he’s finally been adopted.