Dog Left at Shelter Cries as She Watches Her Human Walk Away, Days Later, Everything Changes

 Her heart broke the moment her dad left her at the shelter and walked out the door. But look at what happened to the Pit Bull named Mira a few days later.

This touching story from Chicago’s Trio Animal Foundation shows the devastating losses and lucky new beginnings shelter dogs go through when someone is willing to open their homes and hearts to abandoned animals!

On October 29, a Pit Bull named Mira was handed over by her owner to the shelter. Trio Animal Foundation shared Mira’s story and involved adopters on their Facebook page: “This girl’s heart broke the instant her dad walked out the door. Yesterday, while at an open access shelter, a person walked in as well as his dog named Mira. He said that he was moving and not had time for her. Mira was wagging her tail and was so proud and happy to be walking along with her dad. It had been not until they were removing her collar and replacing it with an error lead that she began to realize that something was up. It had been then that her dad revolved and walked out the door.

As Mira watched her dad walk off, she began to whimper. Once he made it outside, she began to cry out for him. Mira did everything that she could to urge out the door to be reunited as well as her dad and her stress level quickly went through the roof… she just cried and cried. At now, I knew that she would have an entire meltdown if she was put in the general population with the opposite homeless dogs. I asked if she could stay out by the front desk with me so that she might be calmed down. Needless to mention, I didn’t have the guts to bring her to the raise room, then, she ended up in my car. Mira is going to be adopted out through TAF’s rescue division, Project Rescue Chicago. This beautiful girl is 3 years old, potty trained, dog friendly and good with kids (She has never been tested on cats). —- *This photo was taken as Mira watched her dad walk out the front entrance and out of her life.”

A few days later, Mira’s life was close to transform again, but this point for the higher. On November 1st, her new dad walked into her life… Trio wrote: Just this past week, Mira sat frantically crying at the front entrance of an open access shelter as her former dad walked out and left her behind… for the times to return, she cried and located it hard to eat. Mira’s heart was shattered into 1,000,000 pieces. We at TAF knew that it might take a caring and delicate man to fix Mira’s emotional wounds and make her happy again.

Well, as fate would have it, that man was close to walk into Mira’s life and help to ease her pain and show her that she was loved. A while back, Mira’s new dad lost his senior pittie girl to cancer and therefore, the thought of bringing a replacement pup into his life was just too painful… after caring for his daughter until the top, his heart was broken. It was not until he saw Mira’s story and then the look of despair in her eyes that he knew they were meant to be together. That same day, he filled out an adoption application and then the rest is history. As of today, Mira features a new dad and two broken hearts are happy another time .”

What an exquisite, happy ending to such a tragic tale. Wonderful things happen once you open your heart to a shelter animal and Mira’s story is an example of that. We are wishing Mira and her new dad a lifetime of happiness together.

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