Dog on tears walks 125 miles to find owner who left her alone

The ones that should have a dog, should think twice before they get them. They need special care and should be considered as a family. They are amazing, so loyal and protective towards their families

The ones that ought to have a dog, should consider before they get them. They have especial care and will be considered as a family. they're amazing, so loyal and protective towards their families.

As well, they're so happy once we concentrate to them, play with them and therefore, the love they provide to us is unconditional. On the opposite hand, there are humans that don't consider animals a real family or think they are doing not need to be loved, and that they treat them a bit like objects. A stunning and constant dog in Krasnoyarsk, Russia walked about 125 miles after her owners who abandoned her. Her eyes were in tears all the way long. MaryMaru was sold to a few about six months ago. Now, she is one-year-old, but she soon returned to the place they got her, with the lady claiming that she was allergic.

However, it transpired that Maru had other plans. Whilst being transported back to Novosibirsk, she managed to flee from the Trans-Siberian railway by using her paws to open a compartment door because it stopped at an a little station. Maru was in 125 miles in the journey, where got scared and escaped the train because it came to a stop. Fortunately, there, she had an attendant to see after her and confirm she was okay during the journey. Upon Maru’s escape, her owners were called and asked to assist in the look for her, but unfortunately they refused and didn't care that the dog was lost.

Luckily, Maru was eventually found just two and a half days later in Krasnoyarsk; the town where her former owners lived. After walking the space of 125 miles, the pads on her paws were damaged and she or he had sustained an injury to her muzzle.

Maru was taken care from volunteers and is now back in the kennels in Novosibirsk, living with her mom-and-poppop, and is recovering from her ordeal.

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