Dog Who Failed As A Guide Dog Didn’t Lose Hope, He’s Now A Comfort Dog For Cops

Tagg the 2-year-old Labrador retriever has been sworn in as Gresham Police Department’s first comfort K9. Tagg raised his right paw and swore to serve the department during a recent ceremony where he was given his very own officer badge!

Tagg was initially training with “Guide Dogs for the Blind,” but he was deemed unfit as a seeing-eye dog. The organization happily donated Tagg to the Gresham PD, hoping that he would help with the police investigation . However, the gentle Targe discovered that his mission is to be a comfort dog for the police! With his unique skill-set, Tagg will help the officers deal with the stressful nature of their jobs. The K9 would be available within the department every morning and help diffuse the burden of being a primary responder that weighs down many cops.

Officers are overjoyed to possess an emotional wellness and psychological state support dog, and that they have welcomed Tagg with open arms! Tag will also help victims with trauma that affected them during the police investigation. Tagg’s upkeep is solely hooked in to donations.

If you would like to support his care, you'll make a “comfort dog donation” on the city’s website here. We’re sure Tagg will have an excellent run at the department. Good luck, Tagg! Click the video below to see how Tagg’s presence has positively impacted the stressed-out officers!

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