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Everyone Rejected Him Due To His “Ugly” Legs, But One Woman Gave Him A Chance

Derby was born with severely deformed front legs and nobody wanted to adopt him. But with one woman's help, he got a second chance at life.

 Derby the Husky was born with severely deformed front legs that ruined his chances of ever walking or running properly.

He was rescued by a shelter, but his restricted mobility made it impossible for him to seek out a home.

What’s worse was that the desperate pooch would often scrape and injure himself while trying to maneuver around like other shelter dogs.

Due to Derby’s uniquely twisted legs, it had been difficult for him to seek out suitable prosthetics. Even when the dog was attached to a wheelchair, the result wasn't in the least promising.

Just when the shelter workers had lost all hope for this unlucky boy, Tara Anderson from “3D Systems” walked into his life!

When Tara learned about Derby, she couldn’t take her mind off his pitiful state. She resolved to assist him find his independence, and also offered to foster him.

She got a team together at 3D Systems and commenced understanding various options to urge Derby his own prosthetic legs.

After various design trials on computer, the team finally zeroed in on a model that might fit Derby perfectly!

Derby’s 3D prosthetics experience was a true eye-opener! Not only was he ready to walk and run again, but the 3D printing aspect also enabled Tara and her team to form custom height or size modifications as necessary!

He was started off on legs with low height and therefore the height will slowly be increased to his optimal height. Shortly after getting his “3D legs”, Derby was adopted by a loving couple.

This sweet pooch lives his dream life now – all because of technology and a few big-hearted humans!

Click the video below to observe how Derby’s 3D prosthetics changed his life forever.

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