He Was Struck By Train After Teen Abandoned Him Outside, Lost 2 Legs & 1 Eye

When Trooper was just three-months-old, he experienced a traumatic accident that has left him without two legs and one eye. Back on March 13, Trooper was sadly hit by a train in Hamilton, Ohio. He miraculously survived the scary ordeal and was taken in by Animal Friends Humane Society, where he was soon fitted with a custom wheelchair to assist him get around.

Trooper ended abreast of the tracks after a 17-year-old abandoned him and his sibling at a park. The teen was charged with cruelty and abandoning animals, and Trooper’s sibling was located unharmed in the neighboring city of Fairfield.

Trooper has lived up to his name and made a fantastic recovery. He was adopted by Elizabeth Forman, who has given him the simplest care.

Her home is perfect for Trooper, since it already had built-in ramps for her other disabled dogs.

Trooper is now eight months old and helps bring hope to everyone he meets, including nursing homes that he visits. Trooper helps bring awareness to incapacitated pets and educates folks that there are many shelters and rescues that have dogs a bit like him who are checking out forever homes.

Learn more about Trooper’s story in the video below:

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