Her Owner Passes Away, Finds Herself With 5-Pound Chain, Starving & Covered With Ticks For Weeks

This story tells of a poor dog named Francis, who was discovered by a worker named Claire Moreira outside a house in Little Haiti, Miami. The poor American Bulldog was covered in ticks, and was tethered to the landing with a 5-pound chain. There was an infection on one between her eyes, and it had been obvious that she was also weak.

So, she took some photos for the dog, and posted them on Facebook, asking help. Thankfully, her call was answered by 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida, an area rescue group.

One of the volunteers for the group called Jan Stenger visited the situation and was shocked by what she saw! They took the dog into their care to wash her from the ticks, and to get rid of the chain.

Thankfully, she was fully recovered, and was also adopted by Jan, who got so attached to the dog.

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