Injured Puppy Gets His First Warm Bath After Being Rescued From Dog-Fighting

This story speaks about Rambo, a poor dog, who was used for dog-fighting, then being dumped to die, but he didn't want to let that happen, he finally survived and is fighting to possess the life that he deserves.

Every Life Matters Animal Rescue found the dog on 23rd of March in Rock Hill, South Carolina. A true realtor and one among the rescue’s members, Casey Lawrence, said that she arrived in the perfect time, as Rambo was in big getting to someone to require care of him.

 Thankfully, they took him to the Baxter Veterinary Clinic to wash out his wounds. Thankfully, he's now recovering but his medical costs are expensive, if you would like to donate to assist Rambo, contact Baxter Veterinary Clinic.

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