Lost Dog Was Left By Her Family Who Promised To Pick Her Up

A lot of dogs get adopted once they are just little puppies, they join a family become a part of them, grow with them, but once they reach an adulthood they seem to not get the care they have.

A cute dog named Lindsy was delivered to Babylon Animal Shelter in NY , after being at first found by animal control officers. After being accepted, the shelter was surprised to receive a call from a woman, claiming she is from the Lindsy’s adoptive family, and stating that they didn’t abandon her but she ran far away from their home, and as soon as her dad comes they're going to be there picking Lindsay up. The staff was sure someone will show and take the poor dog home, but after a while it had been clear the family abandoned Lindsy since she was getting older, and older dogs usually need more care and a spotlight, so people leave them in the streets after a few years of getting them as relations.

Staff says Lindsy features a great bubbly personality, she loves when she is surrounded with people and that they were sure it won’t be hard to seek out her a forever home, but things didn’t go also for the poor dog, and she or he was still at the shelter after two long years.

Lindsey now's a senior dog, and seniors usually have difficulties to seek out new homes since people are more interested to adopt puppies or younger dogs. Every dog deserves a caring family. Please also adopt an older dog.

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