Miserable Dog Was Strangled By Heavy Chain For Years, Starved & Ignored By Owner

The staff of Kopek velisi, a dog shelter in Turkey, heard crying from the street below and visited there. They were shocked to get a dog who was tied to a tree outside with a heavy chain. His owner ignored him and never fed him. The poor dog was just sitting there, expecting someone to assist.

He was very timid and nervous, but quickly realized that these people were there to assist him. Rescuers visited talk as well as his owner, but unfortunately the owner didn’t want to surrender him, despite not ever paying any attention to him. Rescuers didn’t hand over and came back on a especial day with a bottle, and a few food to offer him. They feed him tenderly and try to build trust in him. Despite how miserable he was, he still wagged his tail to greet them.

Thankfully, rescuers were finally ready to set him free and convey him to their clinic.

He was nervous at first about being in the car for the most time, but it wasn’t long before they received the vet.

After receiving a full checkup, he got a much-needed bath and was delivered to their shelter, where he finally gets to sleep comfortably and is well-taken care of. He is already a lot happier and enjoys all eyes.eye.

He is going to be spoiled at this shelter until he finds his forever home. Then, he will have a loving family who will look after him the remainder of his life.

He won’t ever need to worry about being ignored or chained up ever again! Watch his journey in the video below:

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