Officer Says His Final Goodbye & Mourns The Loss Of His Beloved K9 Partner

 "K9 Axel may no longer be physically at Officer Decristoforo's side, but he will forever be watching over him, and in his own way making sure he ends each shift safely just as he did when they were out there together keeping the streets safe!"

The Central Falls local department and their entire community are mourning that one of their beloved retired K9s has given up the ghost. K9 Axel was an excellent worker and was older than most of the opposite K9s because he had the drive to stay going. He kept the streets safe and always made sure the officers were safe, regardless of how dangerous of a situation he was in. K9 Axel never hesitated to place his life on the road for his fellow officers, especially his handler, Officer Decristoforo.

The bond between K9 Axel and Officer Decristoforo is indescribable. Axel was Decristoforo’s first working K9, and so the two of them hit it off very quickly and were the simplest of friends. Once he became too old to continue working, he retired and need to spend his life as Decristoforo’s pet for the past five years. “The bond between a Police K9 and his partner can never be broken, not even in death,” a fellow officer wrote on the buddies of Central Falls Animals Facebook.

“K9 Axel May not be physically at Officer Decristoforo’s side, but he will forever be watching over him, and in his own way ensuring he ends each shift safely even as he did once they were out there together keeping the streets safe!” Decristoforo is heartbroken at the loss of his ally and partner, but we all know Axel will always be there with him in spirit.

“I want him to understand that he gave Axel the simplest life and friendship that he’s ever had!” they continued. “They were very lucky to possess one another in life. Axel loves you as much as he loves himself! That’s just the sort of dog he was. He was yours! He would have done anything for you. Now he needs you to try to something for him! Stay strong and check out and remember he wouldn’t want to ascertain you upset!”

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