Pained And On His Own, Puppy Sought Refuge In One Place He Felt Closer To God

 Covered in wounds, he was scared and alone. The puppy prayed someone would come soon and save his precious life. This is his story:

Just like humans, dogs are emotional creatures. The puppy during this story had lost hope but he hadn’t lost faith.

Maybe that's why he visited the one place for shelter where he felt closer to God. Rescuers got a call about an injured puppy who sought refuge during a temple. He was curled during a corner, praying for his pain to be relieved. The solemn puppy was clearly in pain, and his eyes were full of sadness.

The poor baby was covered in wounds. Were they intentionally inflicted? Was he accidentally hit by a car? No one knew of coursesay, but they are knowing that he sought refuge in the perfect place and now Animal Aid was taking him to their sanctuary to urge him medical attention.*

The veterinarian evaluated the puppy.puppy. It had been certain he had lost tons of blood and would wish IV fluids to replenish his body. His wounds were also cleaned up. He was such a brave boy! The puppy was placed on a nutrient-rich diet so he can get healthy and his weight would improve. Next step: Introduce him to all or any opposite dogs so he can make friends! They also gave the puppy a name: Punkin! Like “Pumpkin”, only cuter!

It took four weeks for Penkin to become very healthy. He also made many friends with volunteers.also. What a charmer! Look at his big puppy smile!

The little pup kept winning hearts everywhere he went! He was put up for adoption and located a replacement family to finish his new life. Isn’t Animal Aide amazing? We love you guys! continue the great work! Check out Punkin’s rescue in the video below!

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