Photo of dog being left at shelter after his family lost their home breaks the internet’s heart

No words could describe how heartbroken this 4-year-old American bulldog when he was dropped off at a shelter and had to break away his owner. The heartbreaking photo of the American bulldog named Ritter which shows him looking down with a sorrowful expression quickly went viral on the web . it's been shared quite 3,000 times on Facebook alone. “A picture is worth thousand words … and Ritter’s is not any different,” the caption of the touching photo wrote.

Because they lost their homeland, Ritter had to leave his master. The thought of getting to be separated from his family permanently couldn't console his heart when he received the shelter on Tuesday. “Dropped off at the shelter thanks to his family losing his home, Ritter’s negative reaction to the shelter was immediate and heartbreaking. This is often the truth our animals face a day – Heartbreak and a way of hopelessness.” Nevertheless, it seems that it might be the sole photo of Ritter looking dejected in the corner of a kennel.

Thanks to the viral post of Ritter, the shelter posted an update that the bulldog has found a replacement home the subsequent day! “GREAT NEWS. Ritter has found a home!! many thanks to everyone who shared his story and reached out. Happily ever after, Ritter!” The shelter updated their original post on Wednesday. In a new post on Thursday, Ritter was pictured smiling by volunteer and photographer Alan Wlasuk.


The photographer captured the moments of “sadness, disappointment, and desperation” shown by the cats and dogs who were left at the shelter. “Most aren't fortunate to possess a tremendous photographer present to witness those moments of sadness, disappointment, and desperation. But please make no mistake, all of them feel it,” the caption wrote.

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