Police Rescue Two Dogs Chained Outside In The Freezing Cold By Their Mom!

Shore Animal Control in Seaville, received a call about two dogs being left outside for hours in the frigid temperatures in New Jersey. The New Jersey State Police visited the house to get the 2 dogs, one being a 15-year-old pit bull, left outside in 22-degree weather.

The sad event occurred the opposite night, and when police confronted the lady, she responded saying that the dogs needed to be left outside until her son gets range in 4-5 hours! Even a few of minutes is simply too long for a dog to face outside in the cold, but 4-5 hours is unacceptable. A politician told the lady , “You are going to be arrested and attend jail because you won’t let the dog inside,” and she or he responded saying, “I don’t care!”


Her excuse was that one among the dogs breaks everything in her home, but that excuse isn’t ok . Luckily, during a ll|one amongst|one in every of"> one among the dogs has already been placed in a new home, but the 15-year-old pit bull remains trying to find one. If you're curious about adopting the dog, please contact Shore Animal Control. Please allow this to be a reminder that if the weather is simply too cold for a dog, please don’t keep them outside. Dogs and puppies can freeze to death without proper protection, and a dehydrated, malnourished dog doesn’t stand an opportunity during this weather. If you see dogs and puppies outside, please call the police, ASPCA, or SPCA. Don’t wait and assume somebody else will call! Share this with your family and friends,

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