Poor Dog Begs For Help Due to Big Tumor, Chased Away By Locals With Guns & Sticks

Rescue worker Ermioni Giannakou from Greece met several dogs in the small town of Karditsa who were facing huge trauma, so she went straight to the rescue. When she arrived, she found that the dog could hardly lift her head due to the large tumor that was weighing her down. But what made the rescuer more heartbroken was that she knew that the dog, that was named Agnes, has been treated abusively for the past six months.

The 7-year-old dog was thrown with sticks and firing shots from the locals ever since they saw the tumor growing. The dog tried to beg for help repeatedly,repeatedly, but she just got violently shooed away.

At first, the dog was somehow scared of Ermioni, but she finally knew that she wanted to assist her. At the hospital, the veterinarians found that the dog had tumors on her breasts as well to 4-lb mass on her neck. She went through several excruciating surgeries for subsequent 3 months, but finally the tumors were all gone. The simplest thing was she was adopted by a sort family in England as she was completely recovered.

She will never know what pain means as she finally finds love with great people and playful doggie siblings. What a cheerful ending! Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends.

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