Rare and unique dog that looks like a statue confuses the internet

 A dog that looks like statue

A photo of a rare Mexican hairless dog has confused thousands of internet users around the world because they can’t decide if it’s a statue or not.

The pooch’s owner, 22-year-old Sandra Pineda from the Philippines, is flattered numerous think her pet, Piper, may be a work of art. She also finds it hilarious that the web thinks her one-year-old dog may be sculpture.

Sandra adopted Piper and brought her home last March, when she was just two-months-old.

The viral canine may be a Xoloitzcuintle—or Xolo for short—which is found in toy, miniature and standard sizes, and is understood for being hairless. The rare breed is most notable for its large, upright bat-like ears, and that they can change colors as they get older .

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Piper is sort of a dork #NakeyPiper #xoloitzcuintli

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Piper’s dark and metallic color makes her look a bit like a shiny statue!

Many internet users ended up praising the sculptor’s skill, until they found she may be a real dog. What’s her secret?Sandra said that she used virgin coconut oil to foam Piper and make her skin super shiny!!

Do you think Piper looks like a statue??Let us know in the comments..

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