Rescue Dog With Untreatable Tumor Shows The World Her Beauty

 Serenity might not look like most dogs, but she's finally getting the love she deserves.

Serenity won't appear as if most dogs. But she has the spirit and energy of a playful puppy. She doesn’t care what the planet cares her because she’s happy and eventually getting the love she deserves.

The 4-year-old Siberian husky was a stray in San Antonio, Texas. the massive tumor on her face prevented her from finding the loving home she deserved. So, Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform transported her to Dallas, Texas to offer her a second chance at life. Meet Serenity! Right away, Serenity’s foster mom, Patti Dawson, could tell that Serenity was a cheerful pup. The dog kissed her, looking forward to the pet's arrival. But unfortunately, Dawson doesn’t skills' much time Serenity has left during this world.

The vet confirmed that Serenity’s invasive tumor has removed the bones in her face. It invaded her cavity and passed over her eye sockets and skull. Luckily, she will still see, breathe, and eat through. Some dog lovers worry that Serenity is in pain, but Dawson says the pup has shown no signs of discomfiture thus far . Yet, she also knows that would potentially change in the future. “We didn’t get the news we wanted, but that doesn’t mean we’re getting to stop loving her and giving her the life she deserves,” said Dawson.

So, Dawson decided to form the rest of Serenity’s at phenomenal. She has spoiled her with delicious meals and much of playtime. She even had a photographer take beautiful photos of Serenity to assist encourage people to donate to her care. Animal photographer Renee Dowhaniuk took stunning photos of Serenity. When the rescue shared them online, the pup soon became a star. Everyone was curious about Serenity’s story, and that they wanted to assist in any way possible.

“I don’t believe you ought to take a tragic picture. I think you ought to take an image of the complete potential and do everything you'll to capture the spirit of the animal,” Dowhaniuk said. “That girl, as soon as we lifted her out of Patti’s vehicle and set her down, that nose was working and therefore the tail was wagging.” Soon, donations began to flood like hell.hell. The rescue received over 300 care packages with goodies for Serenity. Now, whenever the pup gets a package, she’s overjoyed. She’s truly getting spoiled for the remainder of her life a bit as she should.

Dawson said that when Serenity tells her it’s time, she is going to say goodbye. ExceptExcept now, the rescue puppy will continue to live her best life in her loving If you’d wish to donate to assist Serenity or any of the opposite dogs in the rescue’s care, please inspect their wishlist. Please share this story with your lover or loved one.

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