Rescuers Discover That Dog Abandoned In Empty House Battled Hunger By Eating Rocks

Thank goodness these rescuers found him in time.

According to neighbors in the l. a. community where Stewie was rescued, the pitiful senior pup once had a family. After encountering adversity, they moved away, leaving behind the confused dog. As a loyal partner, Stewie waited for the return of his humans in his abandoned home for a whole year, and when his hunger became overexposed, he would eat stones.

Source: A Homeless dog was so hungry he ate rocks! because of your support, we saved his life! by Hope for Paws By the time Joann Wiltz and Lisa Arturo from Hope for Paws arrived to rescue Stewie from his lonely life, he had reverted to a state of fear and mistrust. The pair were eventually ready to bring Stewie in and start the rehabilitation process.

He was filthy, hungry, and covered in skin tumors. Most heartbreaking of all, the veterinary staff discovered that his belly was filled with rocks. Stewie swallowed them because of extreme hunger and despair.

Luckily, Hope for Paws surgeons were ready to remove the stones from Stewie’s alimentary canal also because the tumors from his skin – which all clothed to be benign! Stewie is now in the care of a loving foster pawrent and his sweet, gentle personality has begun to blossom.

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