Senior Dog Left With Broken Heart, When Realizes That Owner Doesn’t Want Him Anymore

Howl Of A Dog spotted a homeless senior dog, who was depressed, scared, and cold, roaming outside near a railway station and that they knew that had to try to something for him. But being near railway station might be so risky for him, so, they tried to redirect him somewhere safer, but he directly ran away when the rescuers approached as he was so nervous.

But after a short time, he realized that the rescuers wanted to assist him, so he walked toward them. The dog, that was obviously limping and his left eye was injured, allowed the rescuers to pet him and he was very sweet with them.

The poor dog also let the rescuers put a leash on his neck as what he knew was the will to be during a forever home. He was then taken to the vet, where he was given a correct medical aid and examined. The surprise was that he had a microchip! Bobi, the dog, had left his home and ran away about 10 miles but what made things even worse his owner didn’t want him back.

Bobi, who is blind in one eye, deserves to be with a family as that’s what any dog deserves in his lifelife. WeWe hope he can find the simplest family to take care of him. Watch the video below.

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