Senior Pit Bull Cried At Shelter For A Year Until Family Returned For Her

 Her family had to surrender her a year before, but adopted her again when they had the chance.

Jada Hell Bull mix has been confused, scared and lonely in the past year. When her dad gave up the ghost, her mom, Deborah Warren, was so crammed with grief that she struggled to stay a daily routine. So, Warren made the difficult decision to surrender Jada to a shelter in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. She instantly regretted her decision, but by the time she was feeling more stable, it had been too late. The animal shelter where Jada is located It is closed, which presumably means euthanasia for pit bull breeds like Jada. For months, Jada’s former family thought she was gone forever, until a Facebook post caught their attention.

Jada’s Journey to Adoption When Jada’s shelter closed, Northshore Humane Society rescued a gaggle of seven dogs, one among which was Jada. The staff knew it might be tricky to rehome a 11-year-old Pit Bull, but they were determined to form it work. All of them fell crazy with Jada’s sweet personality, so that they knew she’d find a forever family in no time. But weeks quickly turned into months. Before they knew it, Jada had been with them for a few year. The organization shared many photos and videos to help the puppy be adopted. They even aired a news article about her with no luck.

It was clear that Jada wasn't happy at the shelter. She would cry in her kennel whenever humans passed her. The staff tried to stay her comfortable by letting her stay behind the front desk during the day and giving her a short lived family, but nothing appeared to work. Jada continued waiting, and she or he became sadder and sadder a day . Then, one particular video changed Jada’s life. The staff created a tear-jerking TikTok video and shared it everywhere social media. It shows Jada crying and begging for a home. That was the video that caught the eye of Jada’s former family.

Reunited at Last! For a whole year, Jada’s family thought she was dead. Every day, Warren felt guilty and heartbroken about her decision to surrender Jada. Grief is extremely difficult, so it caused her to form a choice that she would’ve never made otherwise. When her relatives saw Jada on Facebook, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Jada was still alive! “I said ‘oh my God, it’s her’ and that we burst out crying,” Warren said. Warren’s son, Josh LaBarge, and his family agreed to adopt Jada so she might be home with a loving family. They adored Jada, and that they had been devastated when Warren let her go. So, LaBarge, his wife, and their 10-year-old daughter drove a few hours to urge Jada and convey their 10-year-old daughter's home. Of course, Warren came along so she could see the sweet dog again too.

Jada’s face lit up as soon as she saw the familiar faces at the shelter. She ran to her family with a tail wagging. It had been clear that she finally knew she was home. Her days of crying at the shelter were over. The shelter staff got emotional at the thought of Jada leaving, but they were also overjoyed that she got the happy ending she deserved. The Northshore Humane Society said they’re big about second chances, so they were glad that Jada’s family was ready to welcome her home again. it'd be a touch different without her dad, but a minimum of she’s with humans who love her deeply. Please share this story with your lover or loved one.

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