Stray Dog Kept Staying At Her Door For Months, Until Here Heart Starts Beating For Him

Animal lovers know that there are many sad stories in the animal world, and this story is one among these stories, but thankfully, it's a cheerful ending. One day, a German steward called Olivia Sievers noticed a poor stray dog near her hotel while traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

So, Olivia played with him for a short time, and fed him, she also named him Rubio. The dog then followed the lady to the hotel, and he would always stay ahead of the hotel expecting her! As she’d travel back and forth for subsequent 6 months.

When she knew that, she arranged for adoption for him in Buenos Aires, but the dog escaped his new home, and went back to the hotel! So, Olivia directly received the massage and decided to adopt him, as she knew that he would be so proud of her! Share this with your family and friends.

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