Stray dog painted with tiger stripes as cruel joke

 What kind of person would do this

Stray dogs have it tough, living on their own out on the streets. A day may be a fight for survival: not only trying to seek out food and water, but avoiding cruelty and abuse. Sadly, these dogs are often the target of violence. People seem to think that simply because these animals don’t have a home, they will be treated like trash.

One poor stray was the butt of a cruel joke that left him stuck covered in paint — and now people are trying to find the culprits. The Animal Association of Malaysia shared the story of a dog painted as a tiger:

The dog is fully coated in orange paint with thick black stripes across its back. ThisThis can be uncomfortable and difficult to get rid of, or it can be toxic to the dog. The animal association is trying to find information about things, including where the dog came from and his current whereabouts. It appears he's a stray, painted up as a sort of cruel joke by locals.

The story has caused outrage on social media, with most of the people agreeing this was cruel and hoping to seekout who did this. The Malaysia Animal Association has offered a gift for information about the dog. Hopefully, someone can bring forward information about the culprits and justice are often served.

But most of all, we hope this dog is found and given some proper help—starting by scrubbing that paint off.

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