Stray Mamma Dog Found Living With Her 3 Pups In Drain Pipe For Weeks

The dog rescue shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia received a call. Someone found a few poor dogs sleeping on the side of the road in the drain! The dog just wants to be petted by anyone, as she only comes out when she sees someone. So, when she saw the rescuers, she came out running towards them. It had been obvious that she needed some help.

That’s when the rescuers were shocked to seek out 3 pups inside the pipe! The pups were really scared and didn't accept to return bent the rescuers! So, they tried to let the mother be back to the pipe hoping that the pups would follow her, but they might not.

So, they took the mama to the vehicle, and tried to allure the puppies with food, but no avail! Thankfully, they were finally ready to lure the dogs out by poking sticks through a side of the pipe.

Furthermore, the pups reunited with their mama, that was named Hera, and that they were all treated for external and internal parasites. they're going to finally sleep in warm beds after weeks of struggling. Watch the video below. Share this with your family and friends,

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