Stray Pit Walks Up To A Woman Because She Wanted Someone To Look Into Her Mouth

 “I saw her teeth and I immediately started bawling.”

A neglected and homeless dog needs help in the worst case, so she wanders on a random porch, hoping to find someone.somebody. TheThe lady inside saw the dog and bent down to examine her. What she saw made her cry. “I saw her teeth and saw that her teeth had been pulled out and filed down, and that I just started crying,” said Christianna Willis. “I immediately started bawling.”

The woman decided to post a billboard on Craigslist to vent her frustrations to those responsible. She mentioned that the dog had been overbred, had carcinoma, and needed to be put down. But what happened next will restore your faith in humanity.

The post garnered such a lot attention and received numerous comments from people willing to assist, they were ready to get Mama Jade the care she needed to heal. A Facebook page created in the dog’s honor received over 80k likes in only two days! Mama Jade is now arrested and is living a brand new life with her new mother Christianna Willis. What a tremendous ending to this story!

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