Sweet Pit Bull Left To Suffer On Busy Street Rescued

 She suffers from a horrible itch that must have been keeping her awake for entire nights

“Pit Bulls are a number of the foremost misunderstood dogs out there. Unfortunately, they typically find yourself within the hands of the incorrect people, and wrong people mistreat them, abuse them and eventually abandon them or get obviate them a method or the opposite ,” writes Valia Orfanidou of Orphan Pet. Matilda is such a dog. She was found on one among the busiest streets in southern Athens by a volunteer with SCARS, a dog rescue in the city.

At first her rescuers through the injuries on her body were from dog fighting, but a better examination revealed the important cause. “She was bleeding from everywhere, and most marks on her skin appeared like dog bites, but we were wrong. Matilda’s entire skin is suffering, and full pieces are slump as you pet her,” writes Valia Orfanidou of Orphan Pet. “She suffers from a horrible itch that has got to are keeping her awake for the entire nights. She has exfoliating dermatitis, that's caused by leishmaniasis. Sadly, this is often very typical here in Greece. “All those Mediterranean diseases, like leishmaniasis, Ehrlichia etc are transmitted by parasites, and that they are often easily prevented with an easy spot on once a year.” “Apparently, Matilda’s owners were too frugal to supply her with spot ons and too frugal to require her to the vet and have her treated for leishmaniasis after she got sick, in order that they came up with the standard solution of abandoning her on the streets.” “Seriously…What is wrong with people? Leishmaniasis are often treated, and lots of dogs can make a full recovery. Our vet is extremely optimistic that Matilda will recover alright, and she or he has already started her treatment.” Matilda now lives with three other dogs. “And she finally enjoys proper love and affection” says Valia. When she is healthy enough, Matilda is going to be available for adoption through SCARS

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    How good are they if you are on your feet all day?


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