Terrified Shelter Dog Hides In Corner Of His Kennel And Won’t Let Anyone Come Near Him

 Just look at his transformation!

People who abandon their pets are almost all rock bottom citizenry in the world, but if they’re getting to hand over the one animal who has put their sole trust in them, you’d think they’d At least politely ask them to go to the shelter. Unfortunately, some people just don’t, and rescue charities work long and hard to urge vulnerable animals off the streets and into a loving home. These volunteers are accustomed to seeing various situations of animals, but sometimes they still find things that shock them.

So when a dog was found scared, hungry, and alone, tied to a tree with a thick leather belt and an important chain, they questioned what quite person would do that to an animal. The dog was discovered near a patch of woods in Dalton, Georgia, and rescuers worked quickly to free him and take him safely to a close-by shelter. “Clearly this dog had a really rough past,” Courtney Bellew, director of Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (SNARR), told The Dodo. “I don’t think we’ll ever know what he actually went through, but the way he was found may be a good indication that he had a reasonably horrible life up until he was rescued.”

Once at Whitfield County Animal Shelter, the truth extent of the poor dog’s trauma was revealed. He was terrified and couldn't trust the workers. “He didn’t want to be bothered, didn’t want to be touched,” Courtney recollected. “He would growl, then he would just go hide within the corner, and switch his face against the wall. He was frightened and packed his things. He would get so stressed anytime anyone would go near him, in order that they said, ‘You know what? Let’s just let him unwind and decompress. So in the first few days, no one even tried to approach him. They didn’t attempt to push him in the least .”

The poor little dog’s trust issues were so bad that no-one could even remove the leather belt from around his neck. But determined to still help the dog, workers snapped some photos of him cowering against the far wall and posted them onto Facebook. They hoped to capture the hearts of Facebook users everywhere the planet – and that’s what they managed to try to to . After the heartbreaking pictures appeared on her newsfeed, Courtney was immediately sold and knew that she was getting to be taking the small dog home.

But first, he needs a weight to start his shoulders-literally. Courtney took the dog to the vets, and when he was anesthetized anesthesia to be neutered, the belt was finally ready to be faraway from around his neck. And when the dog awakened , it seemed that he was instantaneously transformed. “It was as if that belt around his neck was the burden of his past,” Courtney said. “The minute they removed it He woke up from anesthesia, As if he had opened it. He was playing and wagging his tail.”

The dog, whom Courtney named Stewart, began to progress in leaps and bounds – and soon he had even began to play. “Seeing him play with a toy has been the foremost amazing thing on behalf of me ,” Courtney said. “He went from putting his head against the wall of a concrete corner because he just wanted to crawl faraway from the planet … to twiddling with toys and giving his paw and wagging his tail. He’s made amazing improvements.”

Courtney is now trying to find somebody who can adopt Stewart – but they might need to be a especial quite person! But once he finds the right home for him, Courtney believes that the small dog will still transform. “I think that he’s getting to need a really patient adopter, and that i don’t think he can just enter any home,” Courtney said. “I think he needs somebody with some training experience with fearful dogs.” Take a look at Stewart practicing some of his clever skills below!

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