Uncaring Owner Dumps Dog At Groomer, She’s Been Waiting 3 Yrs In Dingy Basement

 The worst kind of dog owners are the one that leave their pet to someone,give a bunch of lies,promise to come back and you never see them again.

Eva was just a 1-year-old Pit Bull puppy when her dad left her at a grooming salon in Queens. He claimed that his building manager did not allow pets and asked the beautician to take care of her when he found a replacement apartment.

The beautician put Eva in a cubicle in the basement. At first, her dad would visit her often and buy her housing and boarding too. But eventually, his visits became few and much in-between. Within a couple of months, he stopped coming altogether, and even refused to continue paying for Eva’s upkeep expenses. The groomers in the shop didn’t hand over on the abandoned Eva. They fed her, got her vaccinated, played with her during breaks, and took her on walks. Even so, the poor dog was left on their lonesome in the basement in the dark. It had been very difficult for her as she gradually came to understand that her dad didn’t want her.

It has been 3 years now and then the groomers face resource constraints. TheyThey need to find a lover named Sam Taylor to help them find a permanent home for Eva. Eva may be a loving girl, but will need some love and patience before she will get over her traumatic abandonment. If you would like to assist Eva, you'll email at rescueeva@gmail.com or contact Sam Taylor via his Instagram page. Spread the word. Please 'SHARE' to expire this story to a lover or loved one

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